I’ve always been interested in ecology and the natural environment.
As a 25-year old, I was commuting to work in an air-conditioned office and stare at a computer screen all day. While I enjoyed working as a designer, I longed to be in the outdoors and to experience more of life. I left Sydney, moved to far-north Queensland and began working as a volunteer on environment campaigns.
The journey has seen me gain the Diploma in Natural Resource Management, which in turn helped secure work as a “Summer Ranger” for Parks Vic. During the gaps between this seasonal work, I gained the Diploma of Environmental Science, then completed an Honours project.
I have extensive experience conducting field work; flora quadrats, fauna surveys and other forms of data collection. I also have done the related data entry, report production, preparing court evidence and presented expert evidence in court.
My passion and strength is in environmental interpretation: being able to share the values of natural assetts with others. I have designed and produced setsĀ  of interpretive signs, for Parks Vic, CoastCare and Kianinny Resort, and led countless interpretive walks.

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